Museum Updates + Open Houses

Are you tired of hearing about ‘another amazing week at the Museum’ yet?

I was just unpacking more Skinny Puppy scenery and PiL deep stuff.  I found this shirt I made with my kids for Keith Levene’s Kickstarter campaign he had many years ago, discovering songs, gigs, cassettes, phone machine messages (!!), materials from PIG, Fishbone, O’Malleys Pub (!!!), Dead Kennedy’s, Killing Joke, Chris Connelly (he almost needs his own room!!), the DNA Lounge San Francisco, The Trocadero in Philly, and more!

How many times can I say it’s bonkers!? Certainly enough to make many fans sit for a minute, so bring some kleenex to the open houses … me!

Museum Open Houses

Saturday May 6, 11AM, 1:15PM. 3:30PM
Sunday May 7, 11AM, 1:15PM, 3:30PM

I’ll be telling stories and conducting small group tours (I think just ten at a time) this Saturday and Sunday you can BYOB and if you’d like to bring me something, I’m still not drinking and in a brew dog PUNK AF phase but honestly happy for anything that you might want to bring. 

I keep forgetting – to let you know that you can take pictures! There are signs all over the place that say ‘no photos,’ but that’s just for assholes, really! Just don’t do a 150 pic dump onto INSTA!
OK, I know the limited slots are filling up fast – free to founders and $20 otherwise for a 90 ish minute tour, Q & A, and a hang. All attendees get 10% off in the Museum Gift Shop.

I almost forgot, Domibaktrix made the most amazing cookies – dark matter coffee chocolate coated skulls with a lovely logo on the front – scrumptious! AND, if you arrive early for your ticketed tour time, you can head over to Jackalope Coffee right by us and receive 15% off when you say ‘the Museum sent you!’ 

Damn, I love our neighbourhood!

Sat May 6 Open House Tickets

Sun May 7 Open House Tickets

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