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FSF All Weekend!

We’ve done the free shirts for the last few weekends, and I wanted to do it one more time as we head towards a week of celebrations around the Two-Year Anniversary of the founding of the Museum! So jump in while you can and consider throwing in another item if you can! A museum catalog? Another shirt? Some tasty vinyl, or some shitty artwork, personally fucked up by yours truly !

Thanks again for all of your support !!

– because we like to be nice and not everyone has spare $ for fashionable offensive (well mostly) shirts for themselves or as a gift!

What is the catch?
– there isn’t – as I said, we do charge a small handling fee to cover people, envelopes etc

Are they crap shirts covered in cat puke and old ink stains and dog hair??
– Well, no they are brand new super cool shirts ! But actually maybe now you mention it one will be ! 

There is another way you can help too:
A $100 “please don’t even send me a shirt,” shirt where you can buy a shirt that doesn’t exist, that you don’t want, that we won’t make – as a way of showing support and helping to keep all of this going! It’s also something I like to show students – the evidence that music business is so very different than business business! 

Thank you!
Don’t forget the amazing round of auctions and other stuff going on!

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Museum eBay Auctions through Sunday:
There are ongoing auctions to keep the lights on at the museum! This round features new Newcastle Brown Ale Sculpture by Martin Atkins prints on 11″x15″ Museum Paper! 

“Dot screened from a photo of my first Newcastle Brown Ale sculpture from the first time I stopped drinking. People would send me bottle caps, and my love of Newcastle came out in the form of this lovely piece! It then became part of the Notes from Thee Underground album cover, and was made into scenery for the 1994 Pigface tour. These days, I worship Newcastle Brown Ale from afar, with just over 2 years sober, but it’s nice to have this piece!”

Check out these prints and more in this round of auctions!

Auctions Here!

Museum of PPIM 2 Year Anniversary Open House!
Sat April 22
Tours at 3PM, 5PM

So proud of what we’ve accomplished in 2 so we’re opening the doors Saturday for a limited number of people!

We are humbled and excited to say we have been active for 2 years! Come join in and hang out for a couple of hours to see just how much we’ve grown. There will be limited number of tickets for 2 tour groups at 3PM and 5PM. Your ticket will be for one of these two groups – please be sure to arrive promptly.

Tickets are $20, or Free to Founders with code FOUNDERSROCK. We’ll see you there!

Tickets Here!

PiL Memories: First PiL 1980 US Tour Anniversary
Sun April 23, 2023

Sometimes Martin does date specific events, but he will try to string all the PiL 1980 Tour shows together in what will be around a 3 hour session – so get some drinks and sit back!

There are a limited number of in-person tickets available, free to Museum Founders with code FOUNDERSROCK


IN-PERSON TICKETS: $30, free to founders w/ code. The Museum is BYOB. If you want to bring something for Martin, he’s drinking NA’s right now – 2 years in! You will receive an email with an address if you are an in-person attendee.

We’ll see you there!

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